From little things

big things grow.

Our impact on the frontline.

As we reflect on the year, we’re celebrating some iconic projects which are continuing to raise the bar on children’s healthcare. Projects like the much-needed Children’s Hospice, providing a home away from home for children with a life-limiting illness; the world’s first rare diseases centre focusing on the whole life journey; the ground-breaking research paving the way for Australia’s first clinical exercise service for children living with chronic diseases; and the exciting upcoming Greenspace project, bringing sick children and their families closer to the healing power of nature.

All these projects, and many more, are only possible thanks to our generous donors, large and small. From the humble beginnings of this amazing support, we are immensely proud to watch big things grow.

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2021-22 Financial Year.

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Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation fuels the fight at the frontline of children’s healthcare.

By working closely with those on the frontline, the Foundation has an in-depth understanding of what clinicians, researchers and families need to ensure we make a tangible impact where it counts most. We are the official and largest funder of Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) and the wider Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) after Government and are now the 4th largest philanthropic foundation in WA.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of our donors our total support over the past 26 years has been more than $98.9 million, with a further $20.9 million committed over the next five years. In FY 2021-22 we had another successful year, funding $6.95 million in grants, the 3rd highest in our history.

With the help of our generous partners, our efforts enable PCH and CAHS to ensure that WA’s sick children and young people have access to world-class care that comes from:

Local to Global.

Our unique position on the frontline of children’s health allows us to get up close and see what’s really missing. This means that our funding goes to where it’s needed most making a real difference to the lives of sick children in WA and across the globe.


Children have been more efficiently monitored by new respiratory equipment while recovering from surgery, improving safety and ensuring complications are quickly identified.


Newborns requiring critical treatment have been safely transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) thanks to four giraffe warmers with inbuilt resuscitation equipment.


Children have been safely discharged home without delay due to the purchase of 10 home ventilators. 


Children with type 1 Diabetes including four under 18 months of age are sleeping through the night because of insulin pumps we have funded. 


(approx.) Children per week use Virtual Reality goggles as a distraction and calming tool during painful procedures in the Emergency Department. 


children needing neurovascular surgery have avoided travelling to the eastern states and have had their treatment at home following the funding of equipment that significantly enhances visualisation of brain vessels requiring
bypass or excision.


(approx.) Children with cerebral palsy are benefiting from research
evidence that targeted movement reduces pain and improves sleep and quality of life.


Refugee children have received dental care as part of a trial, resulting in a reduction of oral-health related hospitalisations and emergency tooth extractions in refugee children.


Young patients are participating in an international study
comparing the effect of two forms of anaesthesia on brain development in children younger than 2 years of age.


Children recruited at PCH for a cardiac study, the largest international study ever undertaken in paediatric critical care.

And this is what the future looks like.


Additional children will be monitored by more effective respiratory monitors after surgery by the end of 2022.


Of parents will benefit from research on the issues faced by parents caring for a child with chronic illness, including stress and support needs.


(approx.) Children who come to the hospital each year will be able to get closer to nature and its healing benefits
with the upgrade of the Greenspace area at the base of the Kids’ Bridge.

Local Impact.

The Foundation is uniquely placed, working closely with those on the frontline of children’s healthcare, to identify the areas of greatest need and what is going to drive the most impact.

The chance for a normal life.
Cutting edge technology reducing the anxiety of hospital visits.

National Impact.

What drives us is the real difference we are having on the healthcare of our children and young people across the country.

Professor Nick Gottardo
Thriving, not just surviving - improving outcomes for children with cancer.
Wal-yan Respiratory Research Centre
Healthy lungs for more vulnerable groups.
3D Cardiac Printer
Complex surgery made easier to understand.

Global Impact.

The now global scale of work we are involved with as a funder is a testament to the passion and commitment of our partners, donors, clinicians, researchers and staff at the Foundation.

Professor Tobias Kollmann
Cracking the code to save children's lives worldwide.
Vevo Ultrasound
World-leading technology for the children of Western Australia.
Gut Microbiota in Neonates
A better start for our littlest patients.

Thank you to our incredible supporters.

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