Who we are.

The Foundation on the frontline

We are the Foundation on the frontline

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation fuels the fight at the frontline of children’s healthcare, to help children get well and stay well.

It’s sometimes surprising for people to learn that our Foundation is the official and largest funder of Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) and the wider Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) after the government. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of our donors in the past 26 years we’ve contributed over $100 million with a further $20 million committed over the next five years.

With the help of our generous partners, our efforts enable PCH and CAHS to ensure WA’s sick children and young people continue to have access to world-class care that comes from;

The Foundation works closely with those at the frontline, giving us an in-depth understanding of what clinicians and researchers need in order to have a tangible impact where it counts most.

Our story


There’s something about this feeling — this desire — that makes us feel protected… seen… understood.
Because the closer one gets, the more one sees what’s needed.
What’s missing.
It’s this closeness — this proximity — that defines us. Guides us. Drives us forward.
We stand shoulder to shoulder with surgeons, clinicians, nurses, researchers, parents and patients. We share their victories, mourn their losses, and support their visions.
Because the closer we are to them, the closer they get to life-changing innovations. To new ways of thinking.
To creating healthier, happier futures.
Our closeness is our greatest gift.
We are Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, and we are “the foundation on the frontline'”.

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