Grant Application Process.

Grant Application Steps

Getting started

Even if you’ve previously applied for a grant with us, this is a really important step.

Please always start by reviewing our Grant Application Guidelines and Process to make sure nothing has changed.

It’s also a great way to check your eligibility, setting you up for funding success!

Create your application

First things first, you need to access the application form, which you will find here.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, just below Current Rounds, where you will find a link to the current grant round(s) in blue. If you are applying for funding for a research project, please click on the Grants Round for Research. For everything else click on Non-Research. Don’t forget, you can save your application as you go. Plus you can also download it as a PDF if you would like to share it with others.

Obtain endorsements

Before submitting your application, make sure you have your endorsements. The number of endorsements, will depend on the value of the funding you’re seeking. Those endorsing your project will need to sign your completed Application Endorsement form.

For funding under $150,000 – you’ll need to obtain signature on the endorsement form from your Head of Department, or if you are the Head of Department, from your Delegated Authority.

For funding $150,000 or above –you’ll need to obtain signatures on the endorsement form from both the Head of Department or your Delegated Authority, and the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) Chief Executive.

Submit your application

Submitting your application is easy. Simply upload your signed Application Endorsement form, to your completed SmartyGrants application, using the ‘file upload’ feature. Then, click on the submit button.

Once submitted, you’ll receive an automated email from SmartyGrants with a 9-digit application number. This will be your reference number in all of our communication with you – so ensure you jot-down the number for future correspondence.

The review process

We’re getting closer – our Grants team and Executive will now review your application. 

All research grant applications will also be reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Committee, who will provide recommendations to the Grants team and Executive to take into consideration. To see who is on this committee and learn more about their purpose, go to the Scientific Advisory Committee. 

Eligible applications will be presented to the Grant Sub Committee (GSC) for consideration at the next GSC meeting.

Our GSC meets six times a year. Depending on the value of funding applied for, the GSC can make a final decision or make a recommendation to the Board.

GSC Approval and Awarding of Grant funding below $20,000

  • Grants under $20,000 do not require Board submission for approval. 
  • The GSC has the power to approve and award a grant, seek further clarifications or to not support the application.
  • If your application is supported by the GSC, you will be notified of your grant being awarded  – see Step 6.
  • If your application is deferred, our Grants team will contact you to discuss the application and will aim to resubmit at the following GSC.
  • If your application is not supported, our Grants team will contact you and provide feedback on the outcome if required.
  • You’ll be notified within 48 hours of a GSC meeting on the outcome of your application.

PCHF Board Approval and Awarding of Grant funding over $20,000

  • Grants over $20,000 which are supported by the GSC, will be submitted to the PCHF Board for consideration.
  • If your application is supported by the Board, you will be notified of your grant being awarded  – see Step 6.
  • If your application is deferred (for further clarifications) or not supported by the board, our Grants team will contact you and discuss.
  • You’ll be notified of the outcome within five business days of a board meeting.

Approval confirmation

Once your grant is approved for funding, you’ll receive an Award Letter with the value of the funding and any conditions relating to your grant.  Please note: we’re not popping the champagne just yet, at this stage we’ll still need to source funding for your grant. Your project can’t commence until you’ve been informed that donor funding is secured. 

But don’t be concerned! Our fundraising team has access to a wide range of donors and supporters and will be working hard to source funding for your project. During this process we may ask for your assistance, as we prepare funding proposals for potential donors.

Grant Agreement letter

Once funding is secured, it’s time to celebrate! We’ll send you a Grant Agreement letter confirming the value of funding (noting whether it is full funding or partial funding) and the conditions relating to your grant.

You’ll also receive a template for your grant’s anticipated Claims Schedule, which we operate quarterly in arrears. At this point we ask that you complete and return the Claims Schedule, with the Grant Agreement letter to the Foundation.

Accepting your offer

To accept your offer, you must ensure all signatories sign the Grant Agreement letter and return it to the PCHF Grants team with:

  • The proposed project commencement and conclusion dates,
  • A completed claims schedule.

Once we have received all of your documents, we’ll do a quick review and advise that everything is in order to start your project.  

Management of your grant

Ongoing management of your grant can be challenging we know, but it’s imperative that we get this right! We expect all projects to follow the timelines stated in their application and claims to be submitted in a timely manner, quarterly in arrears via CAHS invoices.

However, we do understand that sometimes circumstances change, and projects are impacted by unavoidable delays, staff changes or other issues. Any changes in circumstances that may impact the agreed project timeline or the budget need to be communicated to the Grants team within 10 working days.

Progress reports are required every six months and an acquittal report one month after the completion of the project.

Note: For equipment grants, an acquittal report only is required.

Completing your project

Once your project has been completed, you have a month to submit a final acquittal report detailing outcomes and impact. Outstanding claims should also be submitted, as once the grant has been closed, no further claims will be accepted.

You’ll receive a letter with notification that your grant has been acquitted. While the grant will now be closed, you may be invited to share the impact and success of your project at a later date. We love to celebrate your journey and the positive impact it has made on children’s healthcare.

Templates, Forms and Guidelines.

For guidance, please refer to the below templates and application examples.

Contact Us.

Our Grants team are always available during the grants process. For any questions or enquiries please email grants@pchf.org.au
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