Who we are.

The Foundation on the frontline

We are the Foundation on the frontline

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation fuels the fight at the frontline of children’s healthcare, to help children get well and stay well.

It’s sometimes surprising for people to learn that our Foundation is the official and largest funder of Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) and the wider Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) after government. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of our donors, we’ve contributed more than $100 million since our modern beginning in 1998.

With the help of our generous partners, our efforts enable PCH and CAHS to ensure WA’s sick children and young people are closer to having access to world-class care that comes from;

The Foundation works closely with those at the frontline, giving us an in-depth understanding of what clinicians and researchers need in order to have a tangible impact where it counts most.

Funding change through the most advanced equipment and technology

The field of medical technology is an ever evolving one. Working closely with the Hospital and grant applicants we can identify the most urgent equipment needs of the Hospital. Through our generous donors and supporters we ensure Perth Children’s Hospital is provided with leading edge equipment that improves diagnosis and treatment outcomes, enables the ability to perform surgeries that would not have been possible, shorten waiting periods and allows for a better standard of paediatric care…  find out more.

Funding the future through ground-breaking research

The Foundation funds an array of ground-breaking research that is discovering better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent childhood diseases like brain cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In 2018/19 we provided over $2.5 million in research grants; a new milestone. We know this investment in today’s research will have a significant impact on the future healthcare of generations of WA kids… find out more.

Funding the next generation of clinicians through innovative education and training programs

As the world of paediatric medicine continues to evolve and innovate, there is a constant need to stay up-to-date with practices as they develop. As such, funding from the Foundation enable staff to attend training programs, study new practices, and learn from international professionals through seminars and conferences so they remain top of their game in delivering world-class care to WA sick kids… find out more.

Funding positive patient and family experiences

The Foundation supports critically important non-clinical programs at Perth Children’s Hospital such as Art Therapy, Music Therapy and Play Therapy that are making a significant difference to the ability of kids to cope with the rigours of medical procedures and help them to recover quicker… find out more.

Funding world-class expertise closer to home

Through Foundation funding we’re able to bring clinicians closer who are the best in their fields and support the translation of projects into clinical practice. Children in WA now not only have access to world-class care but these experts train and develop teams leaving a legacy of highly trained Hospital staff long after they’re gone… find out more.

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