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A lasting gift.

It’s important to take care of your family and those close to you when you are planning for the future. Careful consideration of their needs will ensure that your legacy will pass to those who need it most. As you plan this journey there may be the opportunity to consider how, through your generous heart, you can help others in the community.

No matter how large or small, a gift in your will to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation ensures a lasting legacy: one of happy and healthy children, for years to come.

Whether you’re a regular philanthropist or just looking to support a charity close to your heart, leaving a gift or bequest to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation in your will, is a wonderful way for your funds to live on.

By leaving Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation a gift in your will, you can help us lead the way in supporting sick WA kids with medical advances and much-needed resources. From groundbreaking research and innovative equipment and technology, to world class expertise and positive patient experiences, we ensure your estate is used in an impactful, innovative way. 

Ways to give.

You should choose the way that best suits your circumstances when deciding how to make a bequest. We are happy to discuss this with you in addition to confirming the most appropriate wording to use. This makes sure that the greatest impact from your gift will occur. Some of the ways to give include:

Residual Gift

The ‘residue’ or leftover of your estate (or a percentage of this residue) to be left to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation after all other gifts, expenses and debts have been paid.

Percentage Gift

Leave a percentage of your estate, or a percentage of the residue, to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Pecuniary Gift

Leave a specific sum of money to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Asset Gift

From real estate to shares and bonds or other items of value, you can share your assets with Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

John's generosity.

Wembley man John Street always wanted his wealth to significantly benefit society. A kind and humble man who worked hard and lived a modest lifestyle, Mr Street wanted his estate left in memory of his sister who died of throat cancer. Following his death in 2010, Mr Street’s estate was bequeathed to the Cancer Council WA which gifted $6m to the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation for WA’s first children’s hospice. “It’s exactly where he hoped the money would go. Bequeathing money is a very desirable thing. If it can be given to someone in the community like a charity it will help the whole community for years to come and many generations will benefit.” – Graham Ockleshaw, friend of 60 years.

Gifts in Wills do not need to be large to make a difference and are an impactful way for your funds to live on. Gifts of any size will help sick children for generations to come.

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