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Keep up to date and see the impact of Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation funding. From innovative equipment and technology, to ground-breaking research, world-class expertise and positive patient experiences, you can see the impact your generosity has on the lives of WA’s sick kids.

Meet Andie

For most of her life, Andie’s family didn’t know why the left side of her body was larger than her right and why she had facial and dental abnormalities, along with vision and hearing impairment. It was through global collaboration that doctors finally received the diagnosis of an extremely rare condition, RHOA related mosaic ectodermal

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Meet Sam

When Sam and his twin brother, Brody, were born, his mum and dad suspected something was not quite right. Sam displayed the features of spinal kyphosis, curvature of the spine. After visits to a succession of health professionals, blood tests revealed Sam’s condition, MPS1. The lack of a certain enzyme causes a build-up in the

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Donate $5

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Move to Improve

Prescribing ‘exercise as a medicine’ in sick children. A new ground-breaking research project is paving the way for Australia’s first clinical exercise service at Perth Children’s Hospital for children living with chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cerebral palsy or burns related injuries. One in five Australian children lives with a chronic disease that often

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Curing Homesickness Cards

Kids belong at home, not in hospital. With 90% of children experiencing some level of homesickness while in hospital, our partners Coles are supporting the Curing Homesickness initiative again this year to raise funds for WA sick kids. From today, you can buy a $2 Curing Homesickness card in any Coles supermarket to help raise

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Lily’s Story

Lily is a happy, confident 12-year-old who is now enjoying a more regular childhood. It hasn’t always been this way. Lily was born with Trichohepatoenteric syndrome, a condition so rare that it only occurs in one person in a million. The extremely rare syndrome affects the hair, liver and intestines. Born prematurely at 34 weeks,

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$6 Million Hospice Bequest

WA’s much needed children’s hospice is a step closer thanks to the generosity of Wembley man, John Street. Known as a kind and humble man, the late Mr Street wanted his multi-million estate to be left to something substantial that would benefit society for years to come. Mr Street had a modest upbringing and was

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Rare Care Centre

World-first Rare Care Centre will coordinate rare disease care at Perth Children’s Hospital Western Australia is taking a global leading role in establishing a Rare Care Centre that will provide a holistic model of care for children with rare and undiagnosed diseases. Based at Perth Children’s Hospital, the Centre has secured funding from leading WA

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Surfing Intervention Pilot Project

Researchers at Perth Children’s Hospital have completed a pilot study which involved the implementation of a surfing intervention with cystic fibrosis and their families. Funded by Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, this study uses the benefit of physical exercise to help benefit kids who are living with chronic conditions, such as cystic fibrosis (CF). Research has

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Mary’s Story

Mary is 9 and she has cystic fibrosis. There is currently no cure. However, by funding important research and innovative technology, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation helps fund clinicians who improve Mary’s quality of life, extend her life expectancy, and keep her out of hospital. Like many kids with cystic fibrosis, Mary was diagnosed through a

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Maddie’s Story

The day of Maddie’s birth was a blur for her mum Mary and dad Luke. Immediately, their tiny baby had to be transferred to Perth Children’s Hospital and then into emergency surgery to unblock her intestines. Trying to make sense of Maddie’s treatment and diagnosis, while caring for their two older boys, was incredibly hard.

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Thank you for your life-saving donation

Thank you for your generous donation in helping children like Imogen fight cancer and blood disorders this Christmas. Imogen and her mum have a very special video to say thank-you for your generosity below. https://youtu.be/dvwSwNg-nWQ

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