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Perth Children's Hospital Senior Dietitian Tamara Farrell using new indirect calorimetry device
Innovative Equipment and Technology

Tailored nutrition improves recovery for kids in critical care.

Meet two-year-old Hailey, an incredible little fighter who was first admitted to Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) over three months ago with severe burns. As a result of her burns, Hailey suffered a brain injury, and the possibility of her regaining movement was initially thought to be slim. Hailey spent 10 weeks in the Paediatric Critical

Burns scanner
Centres of Excellence

New 3D scanner set to revolutionise burns care.

PCHF-funded scar scanner generates accurate, 3D ‘scar maps’ in seconds. We’re proud to have funded one of PCH’s newest and most innovative pieces of equipment, a 3D scanner that is set to enhance burns care. The handheld scanner can generate high resolution 3D maps of scars in just seconds, allowing clinicians to better manage kids’

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