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Meet NENASim. He is one of the most realistic infant mannequins available in the world. He is here at Perth Children’s Hospital, and is solely funded by Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation thanks to our partnership with Perth Airport.   NENASim is tetherless and looks and feels like a real baby unlike previous infant mannequins which

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Simulation Training

“We have the ability to stream via audio and visual equipment into other rooms, as training is taking place. This substantially increases the amount of doctors and nurses that can access training. We are also able to create training videos that are used to up skill clinicians around the state. Our staff no longer have

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The Dermatology Eczema Project

“Thanks to The Stan Perron Charitable Foundation, we have been able to establish the Dermatology Eczema Service at Perth Children’s Hospital.” – Dr Richard Loh In Western Australia, approximately 6,000 babies are affected by eczema each year. While it’s not life-threatening, eczema can cause the skin to develop cracks, weep and even bleed.  “Chronic, untreated

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Fellowship: Dr Yeoh

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, six Foundation Fellowships were funded in 2016 to allow WA medical professionals to focus on specialised areas of research interest for up to two years at a time. Senior Registrar Daniel Yeoh was the recipient of one of these Fellowships. His area of interest is working with vulnerable

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Dr Nick Gottardo’s Fellowship

The generosity of Foundation donors is securing the future of paediatric health in WA through the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation Paediatric Trainee Development Fellowship program. The focus of the program is training and fostering the development of the next generation of leaders in paediatric medicine. Dr Nick Gottardo, Head of the Department of Clinical Haematology

World-Class Expertise

Professorial Chair: Associate Professor Catherine Elliot

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation is able to employ specialists as part of the Professorial Chair program at Perth Children’s Hospital. The program helps bring experienced health professionals to Perth who can treat patients, teach the next generation of specialists and lead clinical research projects. One of the

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