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How panel members are selected

Recommendations can be submitted from anyone to the PCHF CEO throughout the year.
These recommendations will be added to internal recommendations, then decisions on who PCHF would like to invite to be panel members will be made by the Board and CEO.
Potential panellists will then be invited by the CEO to interview for the position. Self-recommendations can be made and will be considered.
It is the aim of PCHF that the Panel be a diverse collection of people, with varied personal and professional backgrounds. Some potential Panellists may be a wonderful fit for the panel but may not work in the current line-up of Panellists and their nominations will be kept on file
for future panel asks.

Are you eligible?

Panel members will be selected with several factors in mind. Nominees should have the following:

Healthcare Experience

Have experience working in paediatric healthcare, or other forms of healthcare that are relevant.

Research Experience

Ideally have research experience. 

No Conflicts

Not have conflicts of interest that will make it impossible to objectively assess PCHF grant applications.


Have the time to dedicate to the Panel (approximately one day of work per month).

Role, responsibilities and expectations

The role of Panellist will be a volunteer role, which will not receive any monetary compensation. Some expenses may be compensated, if agreed with PCHF, prior to an expense being incurred. The role will encompass the below:

  • You will be required to participate in all meetings called by PCHF, outlined in the agreed timeline. If you are unable to attend in person, you can attend online. If you are not able to attend online, you will still be required to do your scoring and assessment work and meet with a PCHF representative before the meeting to explain your feedback and scoring, so this can be communicated to the Panel in the
  • You will be required to meet all deadlines, laid out in the agreed timeline, to ensure that your input can be considered in the process. Exceptions to the deadlines will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
  • You will be required to carefully assess all applications allocated to you and ensure that you do not allow biases or conflicts of interest to sway your decision making.
  • You will be required to make known to PCHF any conflicts of interest at the earliest possible time.
  • It is expected that you will keep all information made known to you in this role confidential.

Initial training

When you accept the position of Panellist, you will need to undertake a half day, in person training session at PCHF, as well as a suite of online training modules (approximately a half day).

Ongoing training

As a Panellist, you will be required to undertake online yearly online module updates to your initial training. This will equate to approximately a half day of online training each year.

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