Artist in Residence

Stop! Animation time.

Stop! Animation time.

Move over, Disney! Grab the popcorn and enjoy these imaginative stop-motion shorts made by kids at PCH.

These creative animations were made possible thanks to leading WA animator and artist Steve Aiton, who was engaged as part of the 2022 – 2023 Artist in Residence program, proudly funded by PCHF.

The Artist in Residence program is designed to make hospital visits less daunting by providing moments of fun, learning, social interaction and distraction for patients and their families. Studies have shown participating in art has a range of physical and mental health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, and even shortening the length of hospital stays.

“The face-to-face animation workshops have been extremely successful this year, with very positive feedback from patients, families and staff alike,” said Artist in Residence, Steve Aiton.

“Due to reduced patient availability following COVID-19 restrictions, our focus was more on quality than quantity. We had to rethink our workshop length, which was a positive for patients because of the extended time and attention that came with one-on-one bedside sessions.

“For many participants, it was their first time animating and they were overjoyed to take their clay characters home and receive a copy of their animated movie.”

He added: “While in hospital, patients often feel like they aren’t in control. Through these animation workshops we can give patients the opportunity to feel completely in control of something – in this case creating a story and characters in an animated movie – which is so important for their engagement, happiness, and wellbeing.”

“Prior to Steve arriving, my daughter was not drinking or eating and had the hospital blues. As soon as the workshop started, she was drinking, smiling and her mood had calmed. Within two minutes of Steve leaving, she was already planning her next creation 🥰 Thank you for providing this service and a huge thank you to Steve - it seriously could not have come at a better time.”

A special thanks to our generous donors Lions District 201W1, Lions Club of Dunsborough, Steggles and Imagine Holidays for making these workshops possible, and to the School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health and to Fun on Four for hosting the sessions.

Help PCHF to fund more positive patient experiences like this for WA’s sickest kids, visit: pchf.org.au/donate

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