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Dr Jonathan Davis - Portable Brainwave Monitor
Ground-Breaking Research

PCHF-funded tech brings advanced intensive care to every corner of WA.

Newborn baby specialists up to 1,800km away can now review newborns’ brain waves in real-time.  Innovative new technology being used by the Newborn Emergency Transport Service (NETS WA) based at Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) is helping to ensure that families from even the most remote WA communities can benefit from advanced intensive care techniques. The

Ground-Breaking Research

Transforming sleep studies for vulnerable babies.

A research study aiming to transform the way sleep studies are conducted for babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) has commenced at Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH). Consultant Neonatologist and lead researcher Dr Dimple Goel said the Chin up clinical study is investigating if sleep studies can be conducted within the NICU rather than

Ground-Breaking Research

Funding update: The ACACIA study

We caught up with Dr Dan Yeoh, an Infectious Diseases Physician at Perth Children’s Hospital to learn more about the ACACIA Study.

Dr Yeoh is leading a team of oncology and immunology researchers to study how effective the current COVID-19 vaccines are when it comes to triggering an immune response in kids with cancer, like Tom.

brain cancer research
Ground-Breaking Research

Fund cutting-edge brain cancer research equipment.

Dr Santosh Valvi – Paediatric Oncologist at PCH Meet Dr Santosh Valvi, a paediatric oncologist at Perth Children’s Hospital. Santosh is just one of the incredible medical professionals that played a crucial role in helping Luca recover from a very rare and aggressive form of brain cancer.   Luca’s mum, Brooke was told her then three-year-old

Lily Rare Care Centre
Ground-Breaking Research

Lily’s Story

Lily is a happy, confident 12-year-old who is now enjoying a more regular childhood. It hasn’t always been this way. Lily was born with Trichohepatoenteric syndrome, a condition so rare that it only occurs in one person in a million. The extremely rare syndrome affects the hair, liver and intestines. Born prematurely at 34 weeks,

Luke Toki Cystic Fibrosis
Ground-Breaking Research

Maddie’s Story

The day of Maddie’s birth was a blur for her mum Mary and dad Luke. Immediately, their tiny baby had to be transferred to Perth Children’s Hospital and then into emergency surgery to unblock her intestines. Trying to make sense of Maddie’s treatment and diagnosis, while caring for their two older boys, was incredibly hard.

Dr Sandra Ruhayel
Ground-Breaking Research

Closer to new ways of thinking

The Stan Perron Traineeship in Oncology. Perth Children’s Hospital is the sole centre for treatment of children with cancer in Western Australia. Currently, over 100 new cases are diagnosed every year. With your support, the Foundation has funded Dr Sandra Ruhayel as the Stan Perron Traineeship in Oncology, a 24-month training position in Paediatric Haematology,

Pilbara Faces Study Perth Children's Hospital Foundation
Ground-Breaking Research

Closer to closing the Indigenous health gap

Pilbara Faces Program. 100 faces were captured from very remote communities. These communities are very hard to access and are closed to the public. These otherwise ‘invisible faces’ are crucial to ensuring the library encompasses the facial variation that exists in the community. Launched in 2017, and led by clinical geneticist Professor Gareth Baynam, the

Early Moves Project
Ground-Breaking Research

We’re helping fund the future of child health

The Early Moves Project. The first 1,000 days of life are crucial for the cognitive development of a child.The Early Moves project is working to identify a biomarker for cognitive impairment in infants as young as 3 months of age, allowing early diagnosis and intervention and most importantly improving outcomes for children and their families.

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