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“Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation is proud to bring patients and staff closer to nature and its powerful benefits through the upgrade of the Greenspace area, next door to Perth Children’s Hospital. Being closer to nature will positively impact the wellbeing of sick children, their families and staff at the QEII Medical Campus and we are immensely grateful for generous funding from Rio Tinto which has made this landmark project possible.”

Hon. Ian Campbell, Chairman Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation

About the Greenspace

Located at the northern end of Perth Children’s Hospital, the Greenspace grassed area will be transformed into an immersive, natural environment for all users of the QEII Medical Centre (QEIIMC) campus to enjoy. Patients, families and staff will be able to get closer to nature and its healing benefits.

Hospitals can be daunting, clinical environments and the upgraded Greenspace will provide an escape from the pressures of medical treatment and appointments. Patients, their siblings and families will have a space to be together away from the hospital setting whilst remaining close to the care they require.

Sitting on Noongar land, the upgraded Greenspace will incorporate traditional and contemporary cultural themes and Dreamtime stories, creating a rich, experiential space to cultivate wellbeing. It will provide much-needed respite for patients – particularly frequent and long-term patients and families – and opportunities for play, learning and discovery. Staff will be able to enjoy the benefits of being closer to nature during their breaks.

The Greenspace Upgrade project has been made possible through partnership with Rio Tinto, Hassell, BGIS, Soft Earth Noongar Cultural Partners and the QEII Medical Centre Trust.

Greenspace Project Design

The upgraded area will be a natural extension of the award-winning Kids’ Bridge connecting Perth Children’s Hospital to the abundant nature of Kings Park. There is strong evidence that nature is a powerful healer in children and adults alike, with exposure improving wellbeing and assisting in recovery rates.

Greenspace Upgrade Project
Greenspace Upgrade Project
Greenspace Upgrade Project
Greenspace Upgrade Project

Greenspace Benefits

Greenspace Design Features

Drawing inspiration from the traditional owners, the Greenspace will be split into four zones appreciative of Noongar culture and the local habitat, including:

  • A natural learning precinct offering educational opportunities on native flora, fauna and Noongar culture.

  • Nature play-space providing a sense of fun and normality away from the sterile hospital environment. Being able to escape the confines of hospital will help achieve a greater sense of wellbeing which is important for maintaining the psychological health of those dealing with childhood illness.

  • Entertainment space for performers and/or outdoor events.

  • Rest and relaxation space for patients, visitors and staff.

The design respects, restores and recognises the “healing energy of Country”. Noongar themes and storylines interwoven into the design have been developed through direct engagement with the history, stories and culture of the traditional owners.

Key features include a discovery path called Koodjal Noorn (two snakes), shelter pods honouring the six Noongar seasons, playground cubbies referencing Noongar mia-mias, an interactive play wall incorporating tactile animal and plant totems and a climbing net depicting the web of the trapdoor spider, a unique Aboriginal story connected to King’s Park.

Project Announcement Media Release
Greenspace Upgrade Project Underway at Perth Children's Hospital.
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Construction begins Media Release
Greenspace Upgrade Project kicks off with a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony and sod turn held to mark the start of construction.
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