Understanding Assessment Criteria.

We fund five key impact areas that support the future of children’s health. Your project must match one of the following areas: 

In addition to this, particular consideration is given to projects that demonstrate: 

  • Community need, such as critical paediatric health needs or service gaps, 
  • Solutions that effectively address the critical needs/problems in paediatric health and show capacity to deliver planned outcomes in a sustainable way, 
  • Significant anticipated impact to the healthcare of children and youth, such as impact on policy, clinical practice, and experiences of children, youth and families in the healthcare system, 
  • Innovation and significant advances in the relevant field, 
  • A budget that clearly outlines all expenses associated with the project, and 
  • The funding requested does not include items considered core to the operations of Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) or Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) that the Foundation or community would reasonably expect the government to fund. 

For further information on how we consider applications on each impact area go to our hints and tips.

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