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The Foundation on the frontline

Meet our team

As employees of the Foundation, we work closely with those on the frontline, giving us an in-depth understanding of what clinicians and researchers need in order to have a tangible impact where it counts most. We are working together to fuel the fight at the frontline of children’s healthcare.

Executive Team

Carrick Robinson Perth Children's Hospital Foundation

Carrick Robinson

Chief Executive Officer

In a career spanning over 25 years, Carrick has held senior leadership roles in the not for profit and corporate sectors as a Director, CEO and senior executive. Carrick has extensive marketing, communications, fundraising, business management and governance experience.
Carrick is an Alumni of Leadership WA, the Cranlana Program and has advised a range of philanthropic organisations as well as mentored a number of young executives in the not for profit sector.

Monica Collison


Chief Operating Officer

Like others, the Covid-19 pandemic heightened my awareness of the fragility of our journey, and the deep connection we share as a community. Making the transition from measuring outcomes in terms of profit, to focusing on impact and the intrinsic value of social return on investment, was a compelling choice. I am inspired by the courageous stories of our smallest heroes and their families, and the generosity of our donors. When my children ask, “Did you make a difference, and help make our world a better place?” I can say I tried. I am proud to work at the Foundation on the Frontline.

Kate Quinn Perth Children's Hospital Foundation

Kate Quinn

Director of Philanthropy

Over the past 40 years my professional career has involved reaching out to people, changing and informing their world through international media and television, and building new futures for their children through developing world-leading schools in Europe and Australia. Both of these stages of my career have given me an ability to appreciate the needs of our community, particularly in challenging times, and to find ways to address those needs. When I was offered a chance to be part of the team at PCHF, I saw a unique opportunity to apply what I have learned in my life to the needs of children whose lives can be saved through the generosity of others.

Operations Lead Perth Children's Hospital Foundation

Candice Wootton

Head of Operations

After a lengthy career in the private sector, I recently made the leap into the not-for-profit space to focus on work that delivers deep community benefit. I’m proud to work in an environment that elevates the priority of children’s health and increases the quality and accessibility of healthcare through direct investment. My role at the Foundation is to guide strategic thought through to day-to-day operations, ensuring we continue to achieve our goals.


Head of Corporate Services

In a nutshell after spending almost my entire career in the hustle and bustle of the finance sector I wanted to move to a not for profit where hopefully some of my skills would be of use. Knowing I might be contributing to improving the lives of others while at the same time improving my own life (by removing some of the stress and urgency in my day to day work) seemed to be a win win for me. I guess what I am saying I wanted to ease up but not stop and my priorities were more about getting a better life balance!

Team Leads

Perth Children's Hospital Foundation Fundraising Lead

Jacquie Spiller

Fundraising Lead

Having worked in corporate roles both in Australia and overseas, I knew I wanted my next move to be one that would not only fulfil me professionally, but allow me to help make a difference. I can’t imagine a more incredible opportunity than to work at a Foundation on the frontline, helping WA children have the best chance at life possible. I feel so lucky and am so proud to work at PCHF.

Donna Hall

Marketing Lead

I’m motivated by real purpose and what better purpose than raising money for sick kids. As a mother myself, I know we are making a real difference to the lives of WA sick kids so they can get well and stay well.

Emma Hall

Grants Lead

It is a privilege to work for the Foundation, where every day I get to see the positive impacts made for children and families in WA through our grants program. Witnessing the incredible generosity of our donors is so inspiring and makes it possible for us to help give sick kids and young people the opportunity to get well and stay well.

Di Skea

Corporate Services Lead

The Power of Focus – focus on what you want and you will create it – a daily inspiration for coming to work to help make a difference to the families and children less fortunate than my own.

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