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The Foundation on the frontline

Meet our team

As employees of the Foundation, we work closely with those on the frontline, giving us an in-depth understanding of what clinicians and researchers need in order to have a tangible impact where it counts most. We are working together to fuel the fight at the frontline of children’s healthcare.


Carrick Robinson

Chief Executive Officer

In a career spanning over 25 years, Carrick has held senior leadership roles in the not for profit and corporate sectors as a Director, CEO and senior executive. Carrick has extensive marketing, communications, fundraising, business management and governance experience.
Carrick is an Alumni of Leadership WA, the Cranlana Program and has advised a range of philanthropic organisations as well as mentored a number of young executives in the not for profit sector.


Head of Corporate Services

In a nutshell after spending almost my entire career in the hustle and bustle of the finance sector I wanted to move to a not for profit where hopefully some of my skills would be of use. Knowing I might be contributing to improving the lives of others while at the same time improving my own life (by removing some of the stress and urgency in my day to day work) seemed to be a win win for me. I guess what I am saying I wanted to ease up but not stop and my priorities were more about getting a better life balance!

Caroline Webb

Head of Marketing

Working at the Foundation I have a front row seat to the huge impact our generous donors and supporters are making everyday. As a parent of two young children I feel priviledged to do my small part in helping transform the healthcare of sick kids in WA.

Heiko Plange

Head of Fundraising

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation allows me to stand shoulder to shoulder with healthcare professionals at the frontline to ensure that sick children of WA can live their healthiest and happiest lives.


Sarah McNamara

Manager Community Fundraising/Grants Officer

I joined the Foundation to continue my passion for working with people and events. The generosity from the WA community is amazing and the ideas are endless – our supporters really know how to put the fun into fundraising and I am lucky enough to experience this while making a real difference.

Audra Young

Manager Special Events

As the manager of be♥giving I am delighted to have the opportunity to combine my passion for events and fulfil my desire to be part of an organisation that is having a big impact in helping transform healthcare for the sick kids of WA.

Karen De Lore

Manager Partnerships

I love kids and community so working for the Foundation is a fabulous way to work for outcomes that I am passionate about. What I love about my role is working with families, individuals and organisations to make a difference for the kids of WA.

Charlee Reddell

Manager Corporate Relationships

Driven by the belief that all kids deserve to live their best life possible, the PCHF was an absolute no-brainer for me to be a part of! Having a direct impact on kids in need is what motivates me daily. I love working alongside a diverse range of organisations that in return provide transformational impacts for the kids of WA.

Alan Mackenzie

Database Administrator

Working here keeps me on my toes, there is never a dull moment in fundraising. The evolution of the Foundation when it comes to technology has been amazing and with the new projects in the works the future looks bright.

Mark Terry

Manager Donor Engagement

Promoting health of children is the most effective way of improving the health of all the community. Healthier children become healthier adults. The flow-on effects are obvious. If I can help the Foundation do that, I’m happy.

Sophie Bowen_cropped


Fundraising Coordinator

I have always had a long-held passion for the health and welfare of children, and I am so grateful to work at the Foundation which benefits the wellbeing of children in Western Australia. In my role, I love getting insight into our donors and the reason for people’s generosity.


Jessica Kirstenfeldt

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

As soon as I stepped foot in the Hospital I knew that the Foundation was the perfect fit. The bravery, strength and resilience shown by the children in the face adversity and to see a smile on their faces is a true inspiration and reminder as to why we are here and do the work we do.

Madde Osborne

Digital and Social Coordinator

Being able to connect with our incredible community and hear their stories reminds me every day of why we do what we do, and I feel very lucky to work for an organisation that is helping to improve the lives of WA’s sick kids and their families.



Media and Content

I am passionate about children’s health and working in the not-for-profit space – so the Foundation is the perfect marrying of these passions. As a mother of two, I am humbled every day to work in an environment that supports WA children and families to live happy, healthy lives.

Executive Assistant


Sarah Buckley

Executive Assistant

I am honoured to be part of the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation team, knowing the funds we all help raise and distribute really do make a difference to children and families in WA. The brave children I see every day here at the Hospital are a true inspiration to me and a constant reminder of why I do what I do!

Jamie Parkin

Grants Manager

As a proud father of two young children, I am passionate about making a positive contribution towards the health of our children to ensure they are given every chance of living long, happy and healthy lives. Managing a $6million+ grants program for one of WA’s most iconic and impactful charitable organisations enables me to do this with great pride and satisfaction.

Amanda Zaffino

Grants Manager

It is a privilege to work for the Foundation, where every day I get to see the positive impacts made for children and families in WA through our grants program. Witnessing the incredible generosity of our donors is so inspiring and makes it possible for us to help give sick kids and young people the opportunity to live their healthiest and happiest lives.

Corporate services

Julie Watkins

Accounts Officer

I love my job; we are all here for the same reason- the Kids! Every work day I get to hang out with colleagues who share the passion for our cause.

Di Skea

Corporate Services Manager

The Power of Focus – focus on what you want and you will create it – a daily inspiration for coming to work to help make a difference to the families and children less fortunate than my own.

Steve Saunders

Equipment Procurement

I retired as manager of the supply department at PMH, when the current Foundation manager asked me to join to set up the procurement system. I said I would stay for a few weeks, that was 17 years ago, and I am still here! I love doing what I do as I know the difference funded equipment has on patient care, and the benefit to the nursing and clinical staff.

Sam Brown

Ambassador & Volunteer

My relationship with PCHF started with my son, who is a ‘frequent flyer’ at the hospital. I am a donor, volunteer, ambassador family and employee! I have seen firsthand what the Foundation does for kids like my son. My role involves telling the stories of families in hospital and meeting them is the most rewarding thing I do.


Tim Solomon


The Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation provides me with an opportunity to make a contribution which can impact positively on someone’s life. Every day I meet patients, their families, clinical staff and volunteers and it acts as a constant reminder of why I get out of bed in the morning.
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