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Your donation gives kids like Kahu access to the best medical minds and life-changing equipment available.

Kahu was born with a growth the size of a melon, which was distorting his little body.

Until recently, the only way to remove a growth like this in WA was through invasive surgery, leaving children with life-long scarring and at risk of long-term complications or even death.

Instead, Kahu’s doctors at Perth Children’s Hospital were able to use cutting-edge interventional radiology to reduce the growth to the size of a golf ball through minimally invasive scans and injections.

There is currently a growing demand for interventional radiology as an important tool in diagnosis and treatment for a range of conditions. For Kahu, it was vital in reducing his growth and ensuring he has no scarring.

Your donation today can help us continue to make this a reality so more children with highly complex conditions can access the best medical minds and life-changing equipment here in WA.

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Kahu's Story.

When Kahu’s mum Trisha was 20 weeks pregnant, a routine scan showed he had an extremely large growth from the left side of this neck to under his arm.

Perth Children's Hospital Foundation Spring Appeal

The discovery meant Kahu needed a special birth plan. He was born by c-section at his local hospital and delivered with the utmost care to stop the growth covering his face and blocking his airways. Just hours old, Kahu was rushed to Perth Children’s Hospital for surgery – the first of eight procedures he has had in his short life.

It was scary,” his dad Cody remembers. “It looked like he had a whole other body. And they didn’t know what kind of tumour it was.”

In the past, the only way to remove Kahu’s lymphatic malformation was through invasive surgery, opening him from his neck to his back. He would have been left with major scarring and the cysts could easily have returned. Because the growth was so close to major arteries, the risk of long-term complications or death would have been high.

Instead, during that first procedure, Kahu’s doctors at Perth Children’s Hospital were guided by cutting-edge interventional radiology scans. This specialised brand of radiology uses image guidance to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures.

There is a growing demand for interventional radiology as a vitally important tool to guide clinicians as it is playing an increasing role in the diagnosis and management of paediatric conditions, including cancer and lung and neurological diseases as well as congenital malformations.

Perth Children's Hospital Foundation Spring Appeal

Previously, many patients have had to travel interstate or even overseas to access the intricate interventional radiology they need, adding stress and risks for them and their families.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, people like you, we can fund world-class clinicians and innovative equipment that is changing lives and giving WA children unlimited access to the benefits of life-changing surgery here at home.

Kahu is now four years old and thanks to regular procedures guided by interventional radiology, his malformation has shrunk from the size of a melon to the size of a golf ball. It’s barely visible and has no scarring.

We call him the little fighter” – dad Cody. Your support today will help more sick children in WA like Kahu to get well and stay well. Change lives. Donate now.

Other ways to get involved.

Start your own fundraiser with your workplace, community, or school, and share Kahu’s story with your friends and family to raise funds.

From the 6th of September, Costco Perth Airport is supporting our Spring Appeal, show your support by purchasing $2 or $5 token at the check-out.

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