Dr Sandra Ruhayel

Closer to new ways of thinking

Closer to new ways of thinking

The Stan Perron Traineeship in Oncology.

Perth Children’s Hospital is the sole centre for treatment of children with cancer in Western Australia. Currently, over 100 new cases are diagnosed every year.

With your support, the Foundation has funded Dr Sandra Ruhayel as the Stan Perron Traineeship in Oncology, a 24-month training position in Paediatric Haematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation.

Funding Dr Sandra Ruhyael’s position means that her specialised training and research directly translates into better care of children diagnosed with cancer in WA.

“I’m excited to be a strong part of a team delivering what is sophisticated, highly complex and individualised care to each and every patient. I’m looking forward to participating in ongoing research, be it, on a small or large-scale that will work towards improving provision of care. I also hope I can be a mentor to junior staff, other allied health staff, on both an interpersonal and professional level.” – Dr Sandra Ruhayel.

These distinguished positions not only nurture and develop excellence amongst local doctors, they also attract the best of the best young doctors to WA, expanding and diversifying our wealth of expertise. Having heard about the excellent research and clinical programs at Perth Children’s Hospital, Dr Ruhayel pursued her post-graduate training in Perth.

“ Sandra is very much an example of a young bright mind. Someone who comes with a fresh passion and enthusiasm wanting to make a difference.” – Dr Nick Gottardo, Head of Department Clinical Haematology and Oncology, PCH.

This program provides an extraordinary opportunity for up-and-coming doctors such as Dr Ruhayel to work alongside world-class expertise including Dr Nick Gottardo and participate in innovative research projects at Perth Children’s Hospital that are vital to improving the health outcomes of children with cancer in WA.

You can help support life-changing, world-class expertise and research at PCH  by making a donation today. Your support will help bring clinicians closer who are the best in their fields and support the translation of projects into clinical practice and fund prevention and early intervention research that drastically improves kid’s lives. To make a donation today, click here.

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