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There is power in the stories we share. Here, you can learn about Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation from the stories we and others tell.

Meet the children your generous donations support directly—hear their stories, meet their families, and see the impact the Foundation has on these young lives. News and media coverage give us the opportunity to share our stories with the broader community, important for continuing to garner support for those who need it the most. Our blog page is a place where we share Foundation news that matters the most to the people we support, our generous donors, and the broader WA community.

Media Enquiries

For all media enquiries related to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation please email our Media and Content Manager Samantha Mills at samantha.mills@pchf.org.au or call on 0411 241 475.

Our Stories.

3D Cardiac Printer
Innovative Equipment and Technology

Complex surgery made easier to understand

Up to 330 families in Western Australia each year will hear that their tiny babies need to undergo complex lifesaving heart surgery due to congenital heart disease. For these families, understanding their child’s surgery is challenging, especially when it is hard to clearly explain what the procedure will do and how it will work. In

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Wal-yan Respiratory Research Centre
Ground-Breaking Research

Healthy lungs for more vulnerable groups

BREATH (Building Respiratory Equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health), led by Mineral Resources Fellow Associate Professor André Schultz, is leading projects focused on supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents to understand and identify the precursors to chronic lung disease. Partnerships are key to improved health outcomes, which is why Perth Children’s Hospital

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PACIFIC Study Perth Children's Hospital Foundation
Ground-Breaking Research

Thriving, not just surviving – improving outcomes for children with cancer

Survival rates for children living with leukaemia have improved drastically in the past 40 years, due to improvements in treatment. However, the intensive chemotherapy regimens required to treat leukaemia weakens children’s immune system, leaving up to 25% of them at huge risk of serious invasive fungal infections. The unresolved question of how best to prevent

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Smileyscope - VR Goggles
Innovative Equipment and Technology

Cutting edge technology reducing the anxiety of hospital visits

For many children, coming to hospital isn’t a happy memory. Very often the procedures or operations that will help them, can also cause real distress, not only for the children themselves, but also for their parents and the medical staff caring for them. The Foundation is funding the use of virtual realist (VR) technology to

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Insulin Pump Program
Ground-Breaking Research

The chance for a normal life

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is an enormous burden and it comes with parents having to become healthcare providers in an area they knew nothing about. They have to monitor blood glucose levels and give multiple insulin injections to children each day. Everybody in the family, the extended family, the school family, the community often have

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Officeworks Perth Children's Hospital Foundation

Thank you, Officeworks!

Officeworks Round up to Make a Difference campaign has raised $140,000 over just one month to support Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation and WA’s sick children. The nationwide Round up to Make a Difference initiative gave customers the choice to round up their purchase in-store or donate online, with Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation being the chosen

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