Zoe’s fight

Zoe’s fight

Zoe needed to be brave from the moment she arrived in the world.


After her mum Erin went into labour, doctors found Zoe was distressed. She was delivered by an emergency caesarean at St John of God Hospital then rushed into Perth Children’s Hospital for urgent tests.

Zoe and her dad, pictured with the Brainz Monitor funded by the Foundation


Unfortunately Zoe had Meconium Aspiration Syndrome, where an unborn baby inhales or swallows its own faeces. This caused respiratory problems and stopping her getting enough oxygen. She was also having unexplained seizures.


So her brain’s electrical activity could be continuously monitored, Zoe was put on a Brainz Monitor funded by generous supporters of Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

A Brainz Monitor accurately tracks electrical impulses in a baby’s brain, letting medical staff more easily assess any seizure activity without hurting or distressing them. Thank you to Rio Tinto and Be Giving for contributing to the purchase of Brainz Monitors for the hospital.


Without this state-of-the-art monitor, a baby’s seizures can easily be missed because they can be as subtle as lip smacking, yawning or small jerks of a limb.


Thankfully, even though Zoe was a very sick little girl, she has made a great recovery and is now home with her happy parents.


You can help the Foundation fund state-of-the-art equipment like the Brainz Monitor by making a donation below:




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