Bunnings Fundraiser: A Huge Success

Foundation supporter, Tony recently organised a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Mindarie to raise funds for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, something he says just felt like the right thing to do.

“Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation is a very worthy cause and my own daughter has spent a good amount of time at the hospital; in my mind everyone either has kids or knows someone with kids, and they are precious,” he says.

“If you were to fall on unfortunate times, you’d want to know that people out there cared enough to help.”

In total, over $3000 was raised for the Foundation, with the help of more than 12 people from Tony’s office at Lanskey Constructions –  who all pitched in on the day.

Tony’s main reason and motivation to support the Foundation lies with his middle child, 11 year old Tori-Anne, who suffered a stroke and brain bleeding two years ago which left her in the intensive care unit and needing brain surgery.

Understandably, Tony says it was a traumatic time, both for his daughter and the rest of the family.

“Tori-Anne was in an induced coma for weeks, she had 27 tubes in her little body,” he explains.

“They said she may never walk again and could end up completely blind – it was a very long and emotional road to recovery and she is still in rehab to this day.”

Tony with his family and Stitches in 2015 shortly after Tori-Anne’s brain surgery. (L-R) James, Victoria (Tony’s wife), Tori-Anne, Samuel, Stitches, Anthony, Tony and Charley.

“We spent five weeks in the hospital – it was difficult for our other kids to see her unwell and the hospital can be a scary place for children so we spent a lot of time in the Megazone, where she could spend time with her siblings in a normal sort of environment, away from the hospital bed and medical equipment.”

Fast forward two years to the barbecue, and Tony explains that on the day a gentleman approached him and asked why he was undertaking the fundraiser.

“At that point I introduced my daughter and it was then that he began to cry,” says Tony. “He explained that his daughter had been through the same ordeal, and said he now had hope after meeting Tori-Anne that his own daughter could go on to lead a normal life.”

Indeed, since her stroke back in 2015, Tori-Anne has continued to astound doctors with her recovery.

While she has lost her peripheral vision in both eyes, she is no longer wheelchair bound and is living life to the fullest!

“Nothing stops her, she is fearless, she does cartwheels all the time and it terrifies the life out of us,” Tony adds.

“Without the amazing treatment, care and support she received at the hospital, who knows how much better she would have got? Every dollar people donate to the Foundation is supporting the life of a child at PMH, and ensuring they have a future,” he says.

Thank you Tony and Lanskey Constructions for your amazing fundraising efforts!

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