Surfing Intervention

Surfing Intervention Pilot Project

Surfing Intervention Pilot Project

Researchers at Perth Children’s Hospital have completed a pilot study which involved the implementation of a surfing intervention with cystic fibrosis and their families.

Funded by Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, this study uses the benefit of physical exercise to help benefit kids who are living with chronic conditions, such as cystic fibrosis (CF).

Research has revealed the ocean boosts wellbeing, and aids recovery, as well as easing stress on families.

So far, clinicians at Perth Children’s Hospital have seen huge improvements in both a child’s physical and mental health, as well as the benefits in family relationships with parents feeling less stressed and children feeling more relaxed and confident.

“It feels like I have freedom, because when I have freedom, I feel like I can be myself, and when I can myself, I can be most happy.” – Mary, aged 9.

For kids like Mary, living with a chronic condition means she spends an hour and a half doing physio every day it is a game changer. You can read Mary’s story here.

We know that the ocean water can help clear mucus from the lungs, so it is like they are having therapy without even knowing it by having fun at the same time.” – Jo White, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Perth Children’s Hospital.

Surfing Intervention

“It was really good to do this as a family, we all started at the same level, a good healthy and physical activity that helped Mary’s condition (CF) and helped Mary to build resilience and manage her fears.” – Kris, Mary’s Dad.

With your support today we can continue to provide life-changing programs such as surfing intervention so more children and families like Mary’s living with cystic fibrosis have the opportunity to use exercise as supplementary therapy.

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