Perth Children's Hospital Foundation Christmas Appeal

Help kids like Sam fight cancer this Christmas.

Sam’s mum Kelly was completely heartbroken when she heard the news that her little boy was diagnosed with leukaemia at just 2 years old.

With his type of leukaemia, Sam has gone through six stages of treatment. From steroids twice a day to chemotherapy every day.

During Sam’s intense treatment at Perth Children’s Hospital he had to learn how to not only walk but talk properly again due to multiple side effects. Sam lost all the muscles in his legs and didn’t even have the strength to pull himself up.

After eight months Sam was able to return home with his family but is still on oral chemotherapy every day and comes into PCH for appointments once a fortnight to make sure his treatment is doing what it should be. Then every three months he has IV chemotherapy.

Perth Children's Hospital Foundation Christmas Appeal

“Sam is a very happy, caring and considerate boy. He loves playing footy with anyone and everyone he can.“ – Kelly, Sam’s mum.

Perth Children's Hospital Foundation Christmas Appeal

Thanks to the research that has been done, children like Sam are now on better treatments for shorter periods of time, meaning less chemotherapy children must go through.

For children and their families who are living with the uncertainty of cancer, it’s incredibly difficult – especially at Christmas.

Your gift today can help a child get well and stay well.

Save lives. Please give now.

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