Chaplaincy Program

Chaplaincy Program

Based in the Multi-faith Centre, the Chaplaincy program recognises that hospitals can be places of great confrontation. Families are often faced with a crisis situation that is unexpected and they don’t know where to turn.

The pastoral care that the Chaplaincy program delivers is available to staff, patients and their families. Chaplains provide companionship, rituals and a quiet space for families of all faiths. This service is available at all times.

Over the last four years, the Foundation has funded a non-denominational chaplain for two days a week to support the Oncology department and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit/Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. This role has then freed up the full time chaplain to work in other areas of the hospital.

As a direct result of money provided by donors, the chaplaincy team have been able to extend the services provided to parents facing difficult times. The program has been extremely successful and recently secured permanent funding from the government.

Rob Anderson, Head of Pastoral Care commented,

We are extremely thankful to the PCH Foundation for funding such an important service

“People question everything in times of crisis. By establishing this intensive program in areas of highest need, it has allowed us to listen to and comfort more families. We have noticed that even if families don’t think they have seen anyone from the Pastoral Care team, if we mention our chaplains by name, they realise that they have indeed been helped in some way.”

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