Paediatric Simulation and Clinical Research Fellowship

We’re providing the best training opportunities possible

The simulation suite at Perth Children’s Hospital is a state-of-the-art training suite, mirroring international best practice. The aim of the simulation team is to improve the quality and safety of paediatric patient care in Western Australia through the use of simulation education. By delivering high quality paediatric high fidelity simulation training to health service staff working within WA health, it allows for tailored training for multidisciplinary groups in emergency situations, allowing staff to practice skills and run through scenarios that occur infrequently. 

Thanks to our incredible donors, we are able to fund clinicians who are among the best in their field to help support clinical research and training here in WA and across Australia. Through this funding we were able to support both Dr Chui Han Chong and Dr Prasanthy Hamsanathan (pictured), as the Paediatric Simulation and Clinical Research Fellows at Perth Children’s Hospital to enable capacity building of both research education and simulation which will help to improve the quality of care for children and families.

“The continued support provided by the PCH Foundation is pivotal to ensuring the best possible training opportunities for Doctors training in Paediatric Medicine in Western Australia. The funds that are provided to support these trainee positions to attract an array of high-quality trainees to WA and help to secure those high calibre trainees to remain in WA providing the best possible care to WA kids and families. The support provides an amazing opportunity for these junior doctors to craft specialised programs allowing them to expand their learning becoming involved in innovation and research to support the continuous improvement of health outcomes for WA children in areas such as simulation education and clinical research education and advanced specialist training where WA health positions are currently not available.” – Dr Victor Cheng, Executive Director Health Service Management at Perth Children’s Hospital.

This fellowship has been made possible thanks to the generous support of MACA Ltd. For more information on their incredible continued support of the Foundation, click here.

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