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Meet NENASim. He is one of the most realistic infant mannequins available in the world. He is here at Perth Children’s Hospital, and is solely funded by Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation thanks to our partnership with Perth Airport.  

NENASim is tetherless and looks and feels like a real baby unlike previous infant mannequins which looked like dolls. He can even portray respiratory difficulties, which is the most common cause of collapse in children.

NENASim is a simulation training game-changer. We’ve even funded a high-quality camera to capture training scenarios for future training purposes and reflection.

So what’s so important about a realistic infant mannequin? Beyond giving as close to real-world training possible to staff and specialists, NENASim provides training opportunities for an important part of medical intervention in children: emotional behaviour. Training with a hyper-realistic baby gives staff and specialists the opportunity to alter their body language and tone of voice while practicing physical medical intervention.

We’re so happy to have NENASim here, and we can’t wait to see the impact he has on real babies all around Western Australia

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