Nasopharyngoscopes; Easing the flow of ENT clinics

The Outpatients Department in our paediatric hospital is extremely busy, with over 218,000 patient visits each year.


Almost 11,000 of these are seen in the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Clinic for specialist review of conditions involving the ear, nose and sinuses, and throat and airway. Referrals are received from across the state and an ENT outpatient appointment is often a child and family’s first experience with the hospital.


Nasopharyngoscopes are used to evaluate children with airway, voice, swallowing and breathing problems. Between five and ten procedures using these scopes are performed each day.

ENT Consultant, Hayley Herbert using a Nasopharyngoscope to examine young PMH patient Kiara.


Children who benefit from the use of these scopes include newborns with feeding issues which may be due to breathing problems, kids with vocal cord paralysis and teenagers with hoarseness or exercise induced breathing difficulty.


While the hospital had enough scopes to deal with planned outpatient appointments, they didn’t have any flexibility to deal with emergencies that arise throughout the hospital.  In these instances, scopes had to be diverted from outpatient clinics thereby slowing the flow of planned appointments often making families wait longer than expected.


The Foundation has recently purchased a number of additional scopes, allowing hospital staff to perform extra procedures during outpatient appointments and removing the need for families to re-book for a follow up appointment, easing wait times.


As each scope requires 24 hours for cleaning following use, having a larger supply has helped reduce the need to re-book patients for scope specific follow-up appointments. Unique training opportunities for junior medical staff are also now possible with the additional scopes.


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