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Mary’s Story

Mary’s Story

Mary is 9 and she has cystic fibrosis.

There is currently no cure. However, by funding important research and innovative technology, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation helps fund clinicians who improve Mary’s quality of life, extend her life expectancy, and keep her out of hospital.

Like many kids with cystic fibrosis, Mary was diagnosed through a new-born screening test. Each day, her parents Rachel and Kris do everything they can to maintain her health, so she can focus on just being a kid.

Mary has physio twice a day to clear the mucus from her lungs. She attends regular appointments at Perth Children’s Hospital, as well as admissions when she gets sick. Her parents are always on high alert and the pressure is huge. Even when Mary gets a simple cough, they never know if it will result in a hospital stay.

But Mary loves the ocean and recently she participated in a surfing intervention program funded by PCHF for kids with chronic disease to safely and confidently take part in physical activity.

By funding important research and innovative technology together we can keep Mary out of hospital, putting her back at home and out in the water where she feels healthy and happy.

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