Inner Circle

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is an opportunity for corporates and individuals to do something powerfully unique in 2019.

A series of intimate events, the Inner Circle invites bright minds in Western Australia to join the exclusive Inner Circle where you will professionally and philanthropically challenge yourself not only for your benefit but for future generations to come.

With access comes wisdom and this is your opportunity to truly deep dive and learn from remarkable leaders who have achieved excellence in their lives, all the while making an incredible difference to others.

The Inner Circle provides an exclusive platform for bright minds like you: The Seekers, to professionally develop with the quick-fire mentorship of corporate and community leaders: The Sages.

Expect real, thought-provoking conversations and the occasional stick of dynamite to drive discussions in unexpected and insightful directions.

Be one of 100 change makers in 2019 to join the Inner Circle and gain unheard of personal access to the elite in their fields; make lasting connections and explore your aspirations with leaders who know the way and can guide you.

 “I encourage anyone bursting with curiosity, seeking inspiration and keen to think outside the box to join the Inner Circle. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the inspiration of profound leaders and motivated people like you” – Jenny Rachmat, Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy member

  • For more information on how to participate in the Inner Circle, download the Seeker brochure here

To register your attendance and/or to start fundraising to attend, select the upcoming Inner Circle event that you’d like to attend and register online to become a Seeker.

  • For information on how to support and sponsor the Inner Circle, download the Sponsor brochure here

To make a sponsorship gift, select the upcoming Inner Circle event that you’d like to support and follow the quick and easy steps to become a Sponsor.

Inner Circle events are held in the evening from 5:30pm until 8:30pm at a unique Perth CBD venue revealed closer to the date(s).

If you’d like to register as a Seeker and/or make a Sponsorship gift in another way, please download an offline donation form here, complete and return this to admin@pchf.org.auPlease reference ‘Inner Circle’ in your correspondence.

Together, we can reach our $100,000 target for the Centre of Excellence for Childhood Burns.

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